ToU imports not correctly identifying Peak/Off-Peak


I have the following on the 2019-12-28, which was a Saturday. Whenever I recalculate the data, it makes Peak, Off-Peak and Shoulder. However my tariffs only have Off-Peak in December weekends. This does not happen on all weekend days, but it does on this one. What is going on?

sid: 66458

Edit 2019-12-28 23.988kWh 3.745kWh/kW 28.369kWh $1.00 $5.91 $4.91 3.030kWh 4.813kWh 4.881kWh


Can you please try re-calculating again? The weekend should be off-peak now.


I’ve recalculated all of December and January and it’s moved usage times around. Weekends all match up and my totals match better.

I’m guessing this was a bug somewhere?

Thanks for fixing.


The bug fixed was related to the wrong year (current) being used, which weekends fall on a different days.

Thanks for reporting.