Today's 'Energy Export' entry not saving


I have live data downloading from my Enphase site to populate solar generation only. My power company does not have an api to link to the meter and gather energy usage. At the end of the day when I’m at my computer, I gather all information from 8pm by reading my meter (via camera recording) and my Sense monitor and fill in a spreadsheet of Meter In, Meter Out, and Inverter Production… which then gives me my data for the day of net usage in and out. I edit the pvoutput for the day to manually enter Energy Exported and Energy Used. Both numbers looks as though they are saved properly, but if I do this before the next day’s output is pulled in live, the Energy Export number I typed in disappears when the next day’s output is automatically created. I have to go back and edit the previous day and put the Energy Export number back in. Energy Used is saved without issue.

I’m sure there will be days in summer when there is still ambient light the solar panels will catch after 8pm. I chose that time because I’m usually on my computer around 9-10pm and can input all the information. I’m not sure why when pvoutput creates the next day’s log at 12:05am, it removes the Energy Export number I entered from the previous day…


Sometimes Enphase does not make available the current day’s data until the next day.

PVOutput will download the previous days data from Enphase to ensure any missing data is retrieved.

It is best to wait till at least noon the next data before making any manual adjustments.