Time is wrong - doesn't recognise DST

All the data shown in PVOutput for my system shows incorrect times: 1 hour behind the actual time. I’m in the UK and it looks as though PVOutput doesn’t recognise the fact that we’re one hour ahead of UTC in the summer. I have the following set up in data settings: Country filter “United Kingdom” and Timezone “(UTC+0:00) Europe/London” which should be what is needed, and “timezone=GMT+0” in pvoutput.ini.

What am I doing wrong?!

You’ve got the correct timezone on PVOutput, but there’s no way PVO can tell independently when your readings were taken. Are you using the Oxley app to upload from a tablet? In which case, it will use the tablet’s clock to timestamp its readings, so check if DST setting is wrong there. Mine’s OK (I’m using Oxley on an Android device). If you’re using the CSV loader, PVO won’t alter data in the time field - so again check the clock in your data collection device.

But in the final analysis, does it really matter? Except perhaps if you’re comparing with a near neighbour whose clock is set differently…

Thanks for the reply. I’m not using Oxley, just the usual PVOutput software. It does matter as I’m using variable rate electricity so need to know the usage/time accurately.

But why is this happening? Surely the PVOutput software takes the time from the computer it’s running on?

Use timezone=Europe/London

I have done that, as per my original post.

Well it looks as though I’ve found the solution, in case anyone else is interested. I’ve kept the Country filter “United Kingdom” and Timezone “(UTC+0:00) Europe/London” in the PVoutput website settings but removed the line “timezone=GMT+0” in pvoutput.ini.