TIGO Auto Shutdown?


Reaching out for help here as the TIGO support is pretty poor. I know not everyone has these, but this question is directed to those that may have experience.

Yesterday I was out, and for some reason my system stopped generating, and from what I could tell, the TIGO Cloud Connect unit possibly issued a “Rapid Shutdown”, for reasons unknown. They are meant to come back by themselves, but it did not.

The CCA has a wiring point to wire in a emergency stop button, but I don’t use this.

The question is: can I disable the auto shutdown feature? If not, how do I turn it back on? I could not restart the panels until I did a full power cycle of the inverter and CCA unit.

Hoping someone can help. I’m also hoping the addition of the TIGO system to my panels is not a regret. If this is a one off, I can live with it. But if it happens continually, it won’t be acceptable.


Here’s an update for those interested. Took a long time for Tigo support to get back to me with any useful info, but here it is.

If you install the CCA (Cloud connect) unit with your optimisers, it will flag the units to auto shutdown if there is loss of 24v to the CCA, or a loss of RS485 to the gateway. Obviously this is a problem if the CCA fails. You’d have to buy another CCA or disconnect all the optimisers off your array. Needless to say a PITA.

To disable this functionality, they can do it, but you need to sign a waiver. I’m currently waiting on a reply to see if (if signing a waiver) that the user can toggle this functionality.

I’ll update when I know more.