"this image could not be loaded"

I thought I checked my listing and more so the images I have associated with my account on PVO.
Turns out, when I click on the image thumbnail, I get “this image could not be loaded”, but can click on the link to get it.

This was working fine and I haven’t changed it in years.
What has changed?

I checked the link behind the first image, and it works.

System: HappinessLodge 11.880kW

Check out this thread:

Might be that your browser’s security got an update. Hosting photos on an https site may help eliminate the issue, or try to view it with another browser.


Definitely a browser issue.

Using Chrome and Microsoft Edge. “The image could not be loaded” message comes up (although if you click on the underlined “The image” message, the image does show up).

Bottom image using an old, outdated version of Internet Explorer, the image comes right up. (Nice arrays by the way!)