Temperature working with Free but not with donated status


I have not been able to get my temperature graphs to work - i’ve never been able to work out why and I thought it was my weather underground setup - however today I found something
I have a donation account - however I let it expire as I was away and just re-donated today.
My surprise is that during the period of my non-donated status the temperature settings I had setup worked and I now have temperature data for the period of non-donation status. I have not changed anything except made a domaintion and now the temperature data is no longer being recorded

My system Id is 49924
I have a Fronius Invertor with push setup
“Solar API v1 - Current Data Invertor”
an Eagle with Push setup
and my temperature was setup using a close-by Weather station
IVICTORI581 with Temperature data sent to “Extended Data V12”

So to me the first two are not setup to upload temperature - so I’m not sure why the temperature one has stopped working due to my change in Donation status
One final weirdness is my donation status expired on the 22/12/18 at around 1:00pm however the temperature data seems to have uploaded for the entire day

Can anyone advise what I have wrong?


This setting actually moves the temperature from the standard graph (v5) to the extended parameter (v12).

When the donation status elapsed the temperature moved from v12 to v5.