Temperature no longer reporting

I’m not sure why but the last three days my Solaredge system is no longer reporting temperature on PVOUTPUT. I changed one of my settings three days ago but it wouldn’t seem that created the issue. I enabled energy setting, after reading another post for Solaredge accuracy in reporting production values. I used to have to manually input the actual values the following day…now it reports my systems output but quit giving panel temperature.

I would like to know if changing the energy to enabled caused this…also the voltage stopped reporting as well.

The system has SolarEdge Energy setting enabled, this will disable temperature and voltage.

Ok thanks for the info I guess I’ll change it back and manually update like I have been.

How difficult would it be to make both work at the same time? It sure would be nice not to daily do a manual update.

Its not difficult but will result in more traffic between PVOutput and SolarEdge as this will require additional requests to SolarEdge to get both.

Is that something you would be willing to do?

I’ve got the same problem but Solaredhe is disabled and temp /voltage grayed