Temperature from parent system


as the OpenWeather API doesn’t allow more than 1000 calls per day I thought I could share the temperature from a “sister” system (uncle living close by). But it seems it doesn’t work, or I don’t get how it could work:)

I don’t want to add the generation or consumption of these systems, only “copy” the temperature.

In the “Data Aggregation” section of settings: If I use “none” for parent system, then there is “Use Temperature” section. When I choose the system, the temperature does not appear in the live outputs. Why?

The “Use Temperature” works by copying temperature from a child to parent.

This means temperature needs to be present on the child system (the uncle’s system) and his system needs to assign your system as a “parent”.

OK; now I understand the logic. But still it seems no data is being copied - would you please check?

Parent: 99378
child: 66209


Out of interest how are you breaching the 1000 calls per day limit?

If you have the API set to make a call every 5 minutes that about 288 calls / day isn’t it? Or am I misunderstanding how the Open Weather API operates ?

Yes, and 5 systems. So the calls count for each separately. And thus it is more than 1000.

Well 5 systems would do it !

You would need to use an “Aggregation Mode” that isn’t “Extended” as this will only copy extended data and none of the standard data v1-v5 which includes temperature.

OK, so I have a workaround: I chose consumption as there is none - because I want the temperature only… works!

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