Temperature both SE Inverter and local OpenWeatherMap API

Would like to import / log / output both the temperature of my:

-SE Inverter
-OpenWeatherMap API

and after all display it in the regular Graphs.

In my “Free” account I was able to import local Weather Station data through OpenWeatherMap API and Key.

Now @ “Donated” account I get both Voltage and Temperature imported from SE; but also would like a second Temp graph with OpenWeatherMap Temperatures.

Is this possible with PVO?

Please advise :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi @richard88. I push the inverter temperature of my Fronius inverter at five minute intervals ( I use a Raspberry Pi to extract the inverter temperature and then push it ). The inverter temperature is added to my PVO account as an Extended Data value - v9 in my case. Extended Data — PVOutput documentation

I can then graph and compare both the local temperature and inverter temperature. The trick to displaying both the Inverter and Open Weather temperature values on one graph is shown below.



Can´t get it working with my SE-System and OpenWeatherMaps Setup.

First I had a “Free” account with automatic uploads through OpenWeatherMap to my v5 Parameters.
So I got a graph of the outside temperature imported bij OWM.

After I gave myself a Donated account; the v5 Paramater was automatically overwritten by the importerted temperature of my SE-Inverter.

So I would like to add the OWM-API-imported data to a vx Parameter of my own.

It’s a bit different as your system @grannos
You putted your Fornius inverter temperature to Exteneded data.
I would like to put my Open Weather Map temperature to Extended data (because my SE-Inverter is allready importing it’s data to v5)

On the openweathermap config disable main temperature v5 and select “Temperature” on one of the Extended Parameters.


It is also possible to disable solaredge temperature, move it to an extended and keep openweather main on main (v5)

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Problem solved; I wasn’t aware the “Extended Parameters” are shown in the “Extended Data Graph”.
Think it wasn’t a technical or settings problem; I was looking at the wrong Graph(s). I’m a very technical person; but I had to become familiar with the website and (G)UI.

The overlay option is great to compare values from different Graphs. Thank you for that @grannos .

Next project → P1 DSMR data through FTDI → RPi → Domoticz → PVO.

It isn’t so obvious how to get to the Extended Data graph.

The documentation has been updated with some steps for those starting out.

Hi @richard88 it took me a while to work it out and scale it correctly. Showing temperature on the same axis and scale as power in watts didn’t work to well. :slight_smile:

@bankstownbloke I hate to be picky but the plural of axis is axes.

No problems, updated to :axe:

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