Temp automatic upload as V12 only in Fahrenheit, V5 in Celsius is ok

actual i use the automatic weather upload from Wunderground and enabled the transfer to V5.
now i want it additional to V12 but in v12 it looks like Fahrenheit without decimals. any chance to get it in Celsius.

later i will use the V5 to show the Battery SOC or is there another possibillity to show the SOC on the Frontpage?

This seems to be limitation on the weather.com PWS API, it doesn’t return decimals for the metric C measurement.

But value in V5 is ok, why not parallel in V12?

v5 is only used for temperature - it is best to use v7 to v12 extended parameters for this.

Use an overlay if you wish to see up to 4 main parameters (v1-v6) on the extended data graph.

The temperature recorded in v5 is actually converted from F which have decimals.

Weather API’s raw C temperature doesn’t have any decimals which is what is used in the extended data options.

An enhancement in the future would be copy the value from v5 instead of using the weather API data.

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ah, now i understand, thanks

Works fine,
The temp is in C without a decimal, just add the decimal yourself

I had done this but the value is still in Fahrenheit

Have you set the correct value in wunderground?

Normally yes since the last few months, but actually my device in my WU profile is gone an I have no clue what happened.

The device works an the values on their webpage are ok. But actually the value to PVO are not all present.

I sent an email and I will see…

It’s set correctly but I think this is only for the webview