TED5000 stopped showing


My Solar system has been reporting data to PVOutput via my TED5000 happily since 2014. About 2 weeks ago, I’m seeing ZERO generation, but I’m still seeing consumption data. I re-configured the 3rd party output settings within my TED5000 device, but no change. The fact that I see consumption data indicates that the TED5000 device is still posting data to PVOutput (plus the status page shows result 200). I see the generation data inside the TED5000 page just fine. Any suggestions?


Check that the generation MTU 1066CC is still reporting correctly


I have a TED5000 system as well (kettBVhome) I had a similar problem for almost 1 year. Have you checked the stastics page? (under “help” tab) look for the “Last MTU ID” at the bottom of this page. If the generating MTU ID does not show, then there is a MTU to Gateway communication problem. I ended up rewiring the MTU to the same circuit as my gateway and solved the problem. If the MTU is showing on the statistics page, then check that the MTU ID on the PVOutput has not accidentally been altered in the edit settings.