Team efficiency calc for yesterday seems to be delayed

Hi, I am trying to compare my system efficiency with team efficiencies, daily. It looks like Team efficiency is lagging. It is now almost 8AM and values are not updated.

For example, past three days were similarly sunny. Team efficiency yesterday was significantly lower than two days before:

When I click on the date on the left I get to see the individual outputs. I do not need a calculator to see that the average efficiency of the members is much higher than the team efficiency. The day table for the team is inserted in the screenshot above, top left. New users can only add one picture :slight_smile:

I also see this effect on two other teams I am in. When I checked yesterday at the end of the day, the values looked correct. Does anyone know what is going on? Am I misinterpreting?

to illustrate, 6 hours (14:00 currently local time) later the efficiency for 8 March is much higher:

The team summary data is based on the ‘PV Ladder’ data which is updated every 24hrs.

thanks for the clarification!