Tariffs issue

When editing and saving tariffs it doesnt seem to save these values in the tariff plan and they stay there no matter the plan.

under debit rates
Debit Rates
Peak when over Wh
Peak amount charged when usage exceeds limit during peak periods in cents
Extended Data v7
Amount charged for Solar HWS in cents

Is this for the “Peak when over Wh” rate or “Extended Data v7”?

Extended data v7

I’m not sure about the other one as I don’t use it so just have it set for max

Thanks - unfortunately both of these are currently not supported in a plan.

Save the system tariff at the bottom of the Edit Tariff page and “Peak when over Wh” and “Extended Data v7” would be always applied regardless of the current active plan.

ah ok.

thats no good. as v7 is my hot water, so that tariff changes with each plan. any reason why its seperate to the plans being that it is a cost?
Does this get calculated in the plan cost?

Just a limitation at the moment, as enabling these into a plan is a little complex.

Yes, the extended data debit/credit values are added to the total after the plan rates are calculated. They are just always fixed throughout the year regardless of plan is active.