Tariff - "when over" for feed-in


My energy provider offers me a higher rate for the first 5kW of feed-in. It means I pay $0.16 for the first 5kW fed-in per day and then $0.10/kW thereafter.

I notice that the consumption tariff allows a “peak (rate) when over” feature but I would like this feature for the feed-in side. Does this exist or can it be added?

Please and thank-you :slight_smile:


Its not available, changed this topic an ‘Idea’.

Im in the same boat. 12c/kwh then 4 after 14kwh has been fed in.

Possibly switching to a plan like this, so would like to see this implemented as well.

Probably doable with the tariff feed system now that I’ve found it. Of course the tariff is calculated based on average across thd bill rather than actual daily export so it won’t be 100% accurate.