Tariff Time Periods


My electricity supplier have recently release a new / replacement Time of Use tariff. The previous ToU tariff had: Peak, Off-peak and Shoulder rates. The new ToU introduces new labels for the different rates, namely ‘Super Off Peak’, ‘Off Peak’ and ‘Peak’.

Whilst I am not on a ToU plan I do log my consumption with ToU configured ( same $ / kWh for each ) so that I can more easily compare the difference between the ToU and Flat Rate tariffs. The last time I checked I would be around 20% worse off on the ToU plan.

Would it be possible to alter the existing Time Period categories [ Peak, Peak 2, Shoulder, Shoulder 2, Shoulder 3, High Shoulder, High Shoulder 2, High Shoulder 3 and Off Peak ].

Potentially just calling them A … I and allowing the System Owner to provide an alias?

In my case A → Peak, B → Off Peak and C → Super Off Peak. For other system owners the labels may be entirely different.

The problem is that if I make Peak → Peak and Off Peak → Off Peak what do I make ‘Super Off Peak’?

Just a thought.


The most logical choice would be to use ‘Shoulder’.

Usually the ‘Off peak’ period is used to capture any time period that isn’t within the other 3 (peak, shoulder, high shoulder) time ranges.

There might be an option in the future to customise the labeling of time periods.

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As my TOU has 2 peaks and one goes from 3pm to 1am I have to use a high shoulder for the 12 to 1 otherwise it doesn’t work. I agree an option to name them would be nice but once setup is only an issue when you have to remember how you done it.