Tariff Time Periods - Custom Labels


My electricity supplier have recently release a new / replacement Time of Use tariff. The previous ToU tariff had: Peak, Off-peak and Shoulder rates. The new ToU introduces new labels for the different rates, namely ‘Super Off Peak’, ‘Off Peak’ and ‘Peak’.

Whilst I am not on a ToU plan I do log my consumption with ToU configured ( same $ / kWh for each ) so that I can more easily compare the difference between the ToU and Flat Rate tariffs. The last time I checked I would be around 20% worse off on the ToU plan.

Would it be possible to alter the existing Time Period categories [ Peak, Peak 2, Shoulder, Shoulder 2, Shoulder 3, High Shoulder, High Shoulder 2, High Shoulder 3 and Off Peak ].

Potentially just calling them A … I and allowing the System Owner to provide an alias?

In my case A → Peak, B → Off Peak and C → Super Off Peak. For other system owners the labels may be entirely different.

The problem is that if I make Peak → Peak and Off Peak → Off Peak what do I make ‘Super Off Peak’?

Just a thought.


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The most logical choice would be to use ‘Shoulder’.

Usually the ‘Off peak’ period is used to capture any time period that isn’t within the other 3 (peak, shoulder, high shoulder) time ranges.

There might be an option in the future to customise the labeling of time periods.

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As my TOU has 2 peaks and one goes from 3pm to 1am I have to use a high shoulder for the 12 to 1 otherwise it doesn’t work. I agree an option to name them would be nice but once setup is only an issue when you have to remember how you done it.

my provider has now added an option for super offpeak
is there a way to create time periods and label them rather than only have 2 peak 3 shoulder and 3 high shoulder?

It would be easier to allow the current 9 tariff labels (peak → off peak) to be user customised.

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That would work. Being able to label the current ones would give great flexibility. There is only 3 peak slots but I had to do 3 so had to use a high shoulder. Now my super off peak is put into high shoulder and trying to compare things has made it quite difficult