Tariff templates

Does anyone have a share of already configured tariff templates for the various utility companies? I’m thinking folks must have created templates they’ve used and would/could be used by others.

I’m in SDGE territory and between tou, ses, nem 1.0/2.0, tiers, and medical rates, along with seasonal change summer and winter. There has to be at least 20 possible plans available. I certainly don’t want to go create all 20.

I wouldn’t mind maintaining future ones, but let’s get them out there, vet them, and make it easy to bring in a new plan.

Why reinvent the wheel, right? If there were a batch of previous templates with perhaps a readme of the rate, it would certainly help folks understand using the tariff features, and how to program them in as rates change in the future.

Sort them by utility companies. I’m sure we could find hosting for them.

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Hi thats a nice idea, but i think everyone Wrights there own,because pv org is world wide and in Australia there are several thousand plans averable from the hundreds of power providers we have.
you might find someone in your power area if you post info of were you are??,Jim

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The tariff plan feature was designed to be re-useable, initially with template dropdown and import.

There are more than 7k different plans already saved, so there needs to be a user friendly way to discover and pick the plan that suits your needs.

This feature will be added in the future.

The Import Plan search feature has been added, the search result will display some key information such as peak rate / times, off peak rate and feed in tariff rate of the plan.

The search queries by name and zipcode/postcode. While probably not useful for those which have already set their plans, it may be interesting to see what other plans have been setup by those near you.

Selecting the plan in the search result will import all the plan details on to your tariff page. This does not alter any existing plan information unless it is explicitly saved.


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