Tariff Plans



I am in Western Australia. During the recent state budget it was announced that electricity prices would rise on 1st July 2019. Looking through previous posts I saw that I should be able to use ‘Tariff Plans’, fixed by date ranges [ Start & Stop ] to automatically change my effective rates on 1st July this year.

To do so I created a PLAN with the new rates and also tried to create a PLAN for the current rates. I tried to specify a date range for the current tariff from 01JUL2018 to 30JUN2019. The new tariff will take effect from 01JUL2019

Within the PVO GUI, specifically in the ‘Manage Plans’ section the ‘Dates from’ and ‘to’ only appear as ‘DD-MMM’ not ‘DD-MMM-YYYY’ - I use Safari and Chromium browsers. If I save and load the 2018/19 plan and then reload it, it appears to change the start date to ‘2019’.

If I hover my mouse over the dollar amount shown immediately to the right of my ‘Target’ the dialogue box that pops up now shows the future ( 2019/20 ) tariffs rather than the current ( 2018/19 ) tariffs.

Am I doing something wrong?


Plans date ranges do not have a year component, the plan comes into effect every year.


Hi, i am also in wa and have not yet been able to find the new rates, can you share them please. thanks Jim D


The new and current Synergy tariffs are here…