Tariff Plans - Recalculate doesn't seem to work

I updated my tariff plans recently with my correct rates. When I select the previous days in January 2019, click more, then Recalculate, it doesn’t seem to update any of the credit, debit, or balance values for almost all of the previous days in January. It updated Jan 24 (today) automatically and Jan 23 with the new rates, but no dates before that.

Any ideas?

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The Recalculate function currently doesn’t support tariff plans.

Changing this to an Idea to be implemented in the near future.

Ok cool, thank you!

It doesnt? I thought i recalculated mine and it worked… what does it recalculate then?

Would you be able to add an option to select the start and finish date of recalculation rather then manually ticking 20 at a time

The Recalculate function now supports Tariff plans.

The message dialog will indicate if plans are to be used or not.


For some reason this function has stopped working for me, is anyone else having issues with it ?

Yes, it was working for me last week, but the credit field is no longer being populated.

It has recently been enhanced to allow recalculations for systems using Tariff Plans.

The problem is there is no peak credit rate entered for the tariff plan Aurora 2019-20 which will default to $0.00


  1. Load the saved plan Aurora 2019-20
  2. Enter the peak credit rate for the plan
  3. Click on Save next to plan name


The recalculation function can be used to update the credit figures for those dates.

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Thank-you, much appreciated, this now works as expected.

My provider only provides a flat rate FIT irrespective of the time of use. I’m assuming there is no need to fill in the Off Peak, Shoulder, High Shoulder fields in this instance.


These are not required, if they are all left blank all export will be attributed to the peak rate.

On a related note, is there anyway to see the daily net dollar amount (credit - debit - service charge) in one of the tables?

I’ve been trying to setup something like this as a calculation in the extended data fields, but I can’t seem to get it to work right.

On a daily view, click on the third square below the graph.

The credit, debit and balance columns will appear in the table.


I appreciate the info, but what I’m trying to see is a column that shows the net figure (Credit $4.21 - Debit $2.13 - Service Charge .37 that equals $1.71 as shown below) that takes into account the Consumption amount in the Debit column to arrive at the Balance. It appears that the Debit column is only showing the Service Charge and not the Consumption so the balance is not correct.

This way I can balance to what my power company credits/debits me for my production/consumption for the month.



Sorry, there was a display issue on the live page calculation which has been fixed.

It should now display the following -


Notice that the title displays Net Daily Export and Net Daily Import.

This means plan is using the Net Daily model, so debits are only registered when consumption is greater than generation, otherwise its $0.00.

You probably want the Net Export / Net Import model instead. Load the plan and change the model and save.

List of tariff models and their effect on calculations documented in the link below -