Tariff Plans - Recalculate doesn't seem to work


I updated my tariff plans recently with my correct rates. When I select the previous days in January 2019, click more, then Recalculate, it doesn’t seem to update any of the credit, debit, or balance values for almost all of the previous days in January. It updated Jan 24 (today) automatically and Jan 23 with the new rates, but no dates before that.

Any ideas?


The Recalculate function currently doesn’t support tariff plans.

Changing this to an Idea to be implemented in the near future.


Ok cool, thank you!


It doesnt? I thought i recalculated mine and it worked… what does it recalculate then?

Would you be able to add an option to select the start and finish date of recalculation rather then manually ticking 20 at a time