Tariff Configuration | eagle-200 + solar


Hi All,

My Pvoutput link is here: https://pvoutput.org/list.jsp?id=16237&sid=76685

I’ve got my solar inverter uploading generation and eagle-200 (cloud) pushing net values to pvoutput. I’m trying to get the figures to match the united energy portal but they don’t align.

I need help with settings for Edit Tariffs: Export Model / Import Model.
I have currently set Export Model: Net & Import Model: Net, is this the correct configuration for my setup? I’ve been playing around with different settings so the daily history values are a bit messed up.

Can someone please assist?



The tariff model is correct, but this only affects resulting credit / debit values not the consumption values.

The issue is gross consumption is calculated as 0W during the day, this means the generation inverter data is not matching Eagle net consumption data.

Consumption is calculated as -

  • Consumption = Generation (inverter) + Net (eagle)

Consumption will be negative when Eagle reports a higher export value than the inverter generation, this is not possible, either the Eagle or Inverter is incorrect so consumption is recorded as 0W rather than negative. There are many of these 0W data points recorded for the system throughout the day.