Tariff circuit not connected to Fronius Smart Meter?


Hi guys,

A quick check on something before I email my solar installer. They came and installed my Fronius Smart Meter last Friday and whilst it is working none of the devices connected to my former tariff 33 (discounted tariff) are registering on the FSM. Pool pump, hot water booster etc don’t change the consumption at all.

I just wanted to check if it is something they or I have got wrong in a firmware/software setting or have they simply forgot to connect that circuit to the FSM?

Thanks in advance,



well Cam a few questions, are you three phase power, is the pool pump etc working, can you see it drawing power on the main meter, not the smart meter one, if you are 3 phase is the fs meter 3 phase as well or single phase, i have seen this done before its about $500 cheaper for single phase setup,
so if the main meter shows load when pull pump is on ,you need to turn of solar to check,and the Fs meter is 3 phase then your pool pump has not been wired through the Fsmeter but if the FSmeter is single phase and you are 3 phase the you have the wrong Fsmeter for your set up if your inverter is a 3 phase unit hope the helps, ok


Hi Jim, single phase power here and a single phase 63A-1 FSM. Pool pump shows load on the Ergon meter but not the FSM. Sound wrong?


I’m single phase and used to have my hot water on an “off peak” (low tarriff but that’s what they call it in NSW) circuit… where the power company controlled when my water heated.

I had to ask the solar installers to connect the hot water to the FSM’s special circuit - which I now use to control how and when solar or mains power heats my water using its load management function. I also had to contact the power company to ask them to disconnect me from their “off peak” supply - so that they didn’t keep charging me the daily access rate.


Thanks all. I’ve sent an email to the installers, I’ll let you know the result.