Tariff calculation

At the moment I have no issues with the daily cost calculations using my entered tariff values.
As of the 1st of July my tariffs will change. If I make a change to my tariff entries on this date, will this affect all my previous entries, or will it just affect the cost calculations from the change in tariff date forward.



A change in tariff will only affect calculations from that day forward.

Previously saved CR/DR calculations on the old tariff are not affected.

It is also possible to apply the current tariff to past dates.

See Manual Calculation under - https://pvoutput.org/help.html#tariffs-calculations

Thanks bankstownbloke. I saw the manual calculation info in the help and the option of comparing different tariff’s but was unsure on what would happen when you actually changed your tariff’s. Fronius’s Solar.Web deals with tariff’s by allowing you to enter multiple start and end date for changes in tariff’s and FIT values, so I just wanted to confirm what would happen.



This doesn’t seem to be true anymore, at least from my side. My tariffs changed 6/1 local time.

So, I edited tariffs just now on 6/2 (local-time), but when I view days previous (localtime) such as 5/31, 5/30, they’re also showing the new tariff rates instead of staying with the old one.

This is when I hover over the $$ view in live, and then I hit “prev day” a few times. Same if I go from “daily” view to specific day.

Would be nice if we could just add tariff rates and give them “range” of effect, like the Android app, so it’s clearer what’s going on.

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On the daily live pages the current tariff will always show, the historic credits and debits calculated for each day using old tariffs are always kept.

How would I see the old tariffs?

If I go to my historic page https://www.pvoutput.org/intraday.jsp?id=64598&sid=57421&dt=20180528, it’s showing the new-tariffs on the NET import/export $$$ pop-up.

eg: $0.459 /kwh peak export of the new tariff instead of $0.337/kwh of the old tariff.

The old tariff data isn’t kept, it is only the resulting calculation of those tariffs, i.e. the balance value for each day.


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Sorry to drag up an old thread but I’m having the same issue. Just changed my tariffs this morning and when I view previous days/months the new tariffs are being shown when I hover over the daily/monthly cost and the total is based on the new rates. For example yesterday shows a cost of $4.13 which is calculated on the new rates, not the rates that applied yesterday which come to $3.88.


The hover over display always shows the current tariff rates, the final credit/debit calculation for each historic day will still retain the tariff it was calculated from.