Target graph


I notice the little target bar graph has changed on the Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly pages, and now comes with rounded ends.
More worryingly (for me) it that the Monthly target now shows I am 101,604% or 27%.

… and the numbers in the little popup bubble don’t correspond to the plot shown. It used to show the target with the target numbers. Now the first plot shows the elapsed target plot, with the target numbers, and the target plot with the elapsed target numbers.

I assume someone is working on this ?


This has been fixed now, thanks for reporting.

The target bar will now show elapsed / pro rated target (102%) year to date first.

Clicking on the bar will show full target against full year (27%).

The old target bar showed this in reverse.


Thank you. It is much better this way around. I can easily see if I’m ahead or behind of schedule.