SYSTEMS option no longer showing on 2nd/other systems


So I have 2 systems that I track by. There use to be a SYSTEMS link one could click in daily view to hop between them. It seems my first original default sysgtems still shows this SYSTEM link to get to my 2nd system as of today 3/8/19 but the 2nd system no longer shows the SYSTEM link to get back to the first. So now I have to go back to LADDER and find my systems and hop between them this way. Has something changed BBloke?
The PANEL named default one here shows 2 SYSTEMS link area below the chart on right side: while this 2nd system named INVERTER has no similar “2 SYSTEMS” link anymore to get back to show the PANEL named one to get to shown here
Can you put that feature of “n SYSTEMS” link back on all system references and not just the default system? Or am I missing something that I did not notice? This started showing as of today 3/8/19 as it was fine yesterday. It was nice to just hope between the systems using that SYSTEM display link.


This is odd now in the afternoon the same browswer and computer shows “2 SYSTEM” correctly again on both of my systems when i.e. viewing daily. But it was after a reboot of it so maybe some firefox crap got cleaned up from rebooting the PC.


Had the same experience yesterday :slight_smile: