System Size vs Actual Output size settings and live data

My system is setup with x50 400W panels totaling 20kW. However the acutal max output I can get is based on the microinverters output of 290w (actually getting 300W). I set these on the setting page as follows:


Now this all makes sense, but when I look at the live specs, it is showing my Watts Peak being based off the System size of 20KW and not the actual max output when you hover the mouse over it.

Here the Efficiency and Normalised are based off the 20KW too

Efficiency: 20.672 / 20.0 = 1.034 kWh/kW
Normalised: 11.850 / 20.0 = .592 kW/kW

What I would like is to have the values base off the actual max I can get with the microinverters, not system size. I know I can change the system panel size and it will be good for what I am looking at, but as I like the data to be as representative it can be, the system title will show the 14500W.

Efficiency: 20.672 / 14.5 = 1.425 kWh/kW
Normalised: 11.850 / 14.5 = 0.817 kW/kW
The normalised value would be 1 if I was producing the max on all my micor-inverters @ 290W per inverter, as it stands it will never go above .75 (based off 300W what I actually see from the inverters, even though rating is 290.

Any other suggestions to make it correct, or should I just deal with the system size being “wrong” by making the change to the panel size?

The panels size/number is used to determine the system total size and is used for all calculations.

The inverter number/size is just for informational purposes - no plans to incorporate this into existing calculations and not everybody enters or have this data.

Thank you for that information. I’ll keep it in mind when looking at the data as I dont look at it alot, who am i kidding I look at it all the time :slight_smile: