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I have two systems under my account but only is active… Can I make both/all active? If so, how? It doesn’t appear to be an option under settings.

go to settings.
scroll down the bottom where your systems are.
click edit next to the inactive system
then change status to active

I am following up regarding an issue with activating both of my solar panel systems on my PVOutput account. Despite following the instructions provided in the forum response, I am still unable to have both systems active at the same time.

Here are the details of the issue:

  1. Account Details:

    • System Names: “2024 Lav Data” (System ID: 105134) and “Lav Data 2” (System ID: 105136)
  2. Steps Taken:

    • I navigated to the settings page as instructed.
    • I scrolled down to the section where my systems are listed.
    • I clicked “Edit” next to the inactive system and changed its status to active.
  3. Problem Encountered:

    • After activating one system, the other system becomes inactive.
    • There doesn’t appear to be an option to keep BOTH systems active simultaneously.

Thank you for your assistance.

Are you sending consumption or inverter data to both systems?

Hi @va_solar_family,

Looking at 2024 Lav data 6.840kW vs Lav Data 2 4.740kW you seem to be uploading identical data for both systems.

I have two ( 2 ) systems within my account. One is shown as A[ctive] the other as D[efault] which is also active.

Looking at a specific system of mine there is a dialogue box for toggling between Active / Inactive/ Testing and Decommissioning. Are you seeing something completely different in your two systems?


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Morning All and thanks for the responses. According to what I’d told they’re both functioning properly even though one says “A” and the other says “D”.

The automatic direction is set to “both” for both systems.

Hi @va_solar_family,

My two systems have their direction set as ‘Solar


“D” stands for “Default” which is also active.