Support for new 'Super Off-Peak'?


A couple of Australian retailers have started offering a ‘Super Offpeak’ tariff that is $0 between 11am and 2pm year round. As far as I can tell the tariffs page only supports 4 tariffs (Peak, Off Peak, Shoulder, High Shoulder).

Is there a way to support this extra logic or is a Tariff feed with custom code the only way to go?

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I wrote a script to populate the feed with these tariffs if anyone else is interested.

Example Config:

A tariff feed would be required if you need any more than the standard 4 tariffs.

I just run cron job to add tariff as extended attribute. What I don’t know however, is what it would be if I reload past power data over populated cost.

I just added it as high shoulder I know not ideal but works easy enough and can see it split from normal usage.

Inspired by your scrip, I packed this in AWS Lambda: