Support for migration of Consumption only metering to full Solar Ownership


Hi BB, as discussed on WP, it’d be great if there was a nice migration option for folks who spent a substantial amount of time monitoring their power consumption via PVO while building a “business case” for Solar, and then finally getting Solar Installed.

eg I have ~1,600 days consumption recorded prior to getting my solar system installed - as a result my efficiency ratings and rankings after getting my solar system are very poor.

If PVO could provide an option to only calculate solar system efficiency ratings and rankings from the solar install date, it would solve this issue. You could even have some logic to stop ppl gaming the rankings by checking that there is a contiguous period of 0W generated AND continuous consumption data exists for say a minimum of 1 month?

I’d be very surprised if I was the only PVO user that capture my energy usage for a reasonable period of time before getting solar installed. This would save folk from having to “build” a new system in PVO once they got solar installed.


so you could start a second system and link it to the first then both sets of data would not be corrupted.
thats what i did with mine.
like if you mix the data from before solar with after solar its then corrupeded and not pure data for either system


I’m familiar with having multiple systems as I have 1 decommissioned system already from my previous house.

Keeping all the data from my new house in one place makes historical comparisons much easier.

I’m not sure why corruption would be an issue? I’ve been a PVO user since 2011 and never seen a corruption issue yet!


it would be nice.
i had my consumption metered for about 2 years before i got solar so in the same boat

there’s so much pvoutput can do that i haven’t even looked into yet like the efficiency ratings
what’s the point in the efficiency rating anyway? to compare how your system is going against another system no matter the size?


I also had around 3 months of consumption data before installing the solar system.
I moved (download then upload) those early days to a dummy ‘pre-solar’ system so I could still reference them for comparison, and then deleted those days from the main system so the efficiency measures were comparable.