Sunny Webbox error 10047

My sunny Webbox is not sending data to pvoutput. The info on the webbox is showing error 10047, see below transcript. Can anyone help with this issue. I have been uploading for over 10 years but the last 6 months has been playing up

System information
Current date/time 09.02.2023 19:46:41
System startup 21.01.2023 09:53:52
Last Sunny Portal registration 21.01.2023 10:04:15 : OK
Last Portal Upload 09.02.2023 19:36:15 : OK
Last Portal time synchronization 09.02.2023 19:36:15 : OK
Last FTP upload 09.02.2023 19:42:04 : 10047 Couldn’t connect to remote server
Version Firmware 1.52 Info
Device profile version 1.21
Language data version 1.06
Version Hardware WEBBOX-J2-150052657
MAC Address 00-40-AD-1E-CD-B1
Modem equipment —
SMA COM equipment RS485 Communication
AUX COM equipment —
USB peripherals —
Sunny Portal Buffer Load 0%
SD card memory capacity 2 % (capacity 120 MB, free 117 MB)

I’m also using a Sunny Webbox of a similar vintage but my uploads are fine. Have you tried using an FTP app to log into PVO from your PC? You might glean something of the problem from that.

Hi Mozreactor
Thanks for replying
I think the problem may have been the the DNS settings on my router. I have changed to google DNS and touch wood haven’t had an issue for about a week now.
The problem I am having now is I am trying to upload the 4 missing days and they won’t read. I have logged into PVO with ftp client and tried sendings the files there but they disappear and nothing gets added to my outputs. If you or anyone have any ideas that would be great?


Good to hear it’s working for you again Nathey!
As for your missing days, I don’t think (but don’t quote me) that you can insert data older than the current day with ftp. Have you had a look at the “bulk loading” facility?