Sunny Home Manager 2.0 to PVoutput?


So my 2nd system gets added today and it comes with the Sunny Home Manager 2.0. I have done a search and found nothing about it.

I would just like to know if it can be done? Been a PVoutputer for 7 years. :slight_smile:


Can it export a file to FTP?


Not that I can see. Will do some research./


Hey…I am in the same boat.
I was just about to get a system with the sunny home manager 2.0 and wanted to find out how you got on with connecting it to pvoutput.

Been exporting for years via beancounter but was hoping to get a direct connection so that I don’t need to run the program any longer.


Because I am still having issues with the system (EnergyMatters grrr) I havent looked into it as yet. Sorry


If you are a somewhat experienced programmer, it shouldn’t be too hard.

I got a Home Manager 2.0 a couple of weeks ago, and quickly wrote some (quick and dirty) python code to plot the current consumption data in real-time. I also made a small python script which I run on a Raspberry Pi for uploading the data to my Domoticz system. I haven’t looked into the pvoutput API:s as of yet, but I can’t imagine it would be that difficult to send the data in that direction as well.

The Home Manager data structures are available in a document available for download at SMA’s developer pages.

I suppose I will eventually have a go at it, but it’s not at the top of my priority list right now.


While I have IT skills they are not in programming.

So tragically I will just have to keep uploading to Sunny portal for the time being.
It still works but i just prefer PV output.

Home Manager 2.0 is still pretty new so hopefully someone much smarter then me will publish a solution… lol


Same here. In IT but not programming.

I am still waiting on Endevour to turn down our local transformer to stop the grid fault I get.


I have a SMA cluster controller. It can do FTP push or FTP pull, CSV or XML. But not sure what kind of code I can use to get more live data up to PVoutput. I found this but it only does daily total


I have an SMA e-meter and Sunny home manager 1.0 which has the same functionality as the Home Manager 2.0 (which just combines everything in one unit) I can’t program to save my life, nor do I have the time or inclination to learn so I found the simplest, easiest way to upload to PVOutput is using sma2pvoutput. You need to run Sunny Explorer as sma2pvoutput needs to read the CSV files createted by Sunny Explorer. sma2pvoutput is a simple script that you set up in the same directory as Sunny explorer and schedule to run every 10 minutes to upload to PVOutput if you want live data or schedule a different script to just upload at the end of the day. of course you need your PC on and connected to the net.
Kastnerd, I would imagine that this would work with the cluster controller as it is pulling the data from the CSV files

You can find it here: