SUNNY BOY 5.0-US/sbfspot

Finally up and running.
Tried to install sbfspot on bullseye, fails with errors I did file an issue with sbfspot.
This installed fine on buster, and loads to pvoutput very well.
A questions.
I intend to place the pi next to the the inverter, and ethernet connect to the inverter, and access the pi via wifi or usb2ethernet. Reason, these devices make connections that are not needed.
Are there any caveats to be aware of.

Thanks for the work with sbfspot.

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Not sure I understand what question you have.

What you describe could work, but I wonder about how you will weatherize the Pi.

The inverter is in my garage, no weather involved

Ok, running on bullseye, clean install.
I would like to implement 123solar for a local website, in reading the doc’s for 123olar, it has support for sbfspot, as sbfspot is reading the production, is it necessary to install aurora?
Has anyone done this and can offer some advice, seeing as 123solar doc’s have arch in mind for installation, and this is debian, maybe paths are different.
Also for sbfspot, the link for the lat/long in setup goes forbidden, had to find a different map.

Finally, up and running with 123solar, just no graphing or connection to sbfspot.
Can some one give some guidance on how to connect 123solar and sbfspot?
I see no cfg file in 123solar to tie it into sbfdpot.
This is on Debian Bullseye.

with debug logging on, at 123solar, I see this:
Error! Could not open file /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot_0.cfg
ls -all /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot_0.cfg
ls: cannot access ‘/usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot_0.cfg’: No such file or directory

How do I get it to read:
ls -all /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot.cfg
-rw-r–r-- 1 root root 5296 Nov 20 13:52 /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot.cfg

ohh, ok if I make:
sudo cp /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot.cfg /usr/local/bin/sbfspot.3/SBFspot_0.cfg
I can get some indication of some output, still troubleshooting

Ok, think I got it
add user pi to www-data group