SUNNY BOY 5.0 CSV to pvoutput?

I’m looking to go down the python github route to auto upload the csv outputs to pvoutput, but for now I’m wanting to understand what the column headers mean, not really sure what it all means to line it up with the CSV loader fields.

Can any1 please help me decipher the column headings? I’ve added a 15 second snapshot in 5s

Column A is the total yield (which equals Energy Generated?) Not really sure which columns need to be deleted and matched to the daily output positions!

Sort of figured out the columns…by plotting the data and seeing ‘similar’ charts…there are slight differences in data and I don’t understand why

I can’t seem to reconcile what the inverter shows in its charts vs. what is in the .csv file it spits out!

  • Metering.TotWhOut (Wh) = PVOutput v1
  • GridMs.TotW (W) = PVOutput v2

GridMs.TotW (W) should equal the Power value on the SMA portal, either the portal or CSV extract is wrong - something to ask SMA about.

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Would it make any difference given that I have two strings?

Cross checking everything …locally via the inverter itself (192.168.0.X) uses 5 min intervals, and these 5 min intervals don’t line up with the csv output I can download from it :confused: and using sunnyportal, its in 15min intervals! so only the totals match!

Shouldn’t matter. The inverter should be reporting for all strings.