Stupid Question?


I’ve been trying the site using my main laptop computer for the last month or so on an ad-hoc basis, and have found it of great interest.

I’ve now decided to dedicate an old netbook to the job, so that I can leave it running all the time in the background and wake up the screen if I want to see the current situation.

Unfortunately, it does not seem to want to communucate with you, resulting in days of no generation spoiling my record!

I’ve run the integrator and as far as I know I’ve input the same details as I originally did.
I’m wondering if I’ve done the right thing in copying the API from my original computer, or if I should have started again?
Any thoughts gratefully received.

Also, I’ve come to the site fairly late, the panels have been working for several years, so there’s a lot of unrecorded generation. I must admit I haven’t read all the notes on submitting readings, bulk readings etc, but is there any easy way of entering “lifetime generation to date”?

For the record, I have a Power-One Aurora inverter, connected wirelessly to an Asus netbook running Aurora Communicator (an older version (2.9) than that running on my original computer, as I can no longer find v2.10.1 - I don’t know if that could contribute to my problem?)

Do I need to run the service integrator for each user? I’m running the software as a standard user on the netbook, having installed it as administrator. If I try running service integrator again I get the message that the software is already installed. I’m not sure how to unistall the integrator service and start again.

Sorry if these are all daft and trivial queries.


Have a look at the pvoutput.log file in the ‘log’ folder for clues.