Struggling to get correct data uploaded and displayed



I am new to PVOutput, and am struggling to get it working correctly.

Currently trying to feed my net consumption data from a Rainforest Eagle 200. I have a solar array, but am yet to get my feed set up from my SMA inverter. So the Rainforest Eagle data should at times be import, and at other times be export.

I can’t get the net consumption data from the Eagle to feed and display correctly. It seems to be correct for a while, and then stops loading the data correctly.

I have attached an example data set and graph.

I have tried three different ways of feeding the data:

  • Pull from Wattvision
  • Pull from Rainforest Cloud
  • Push from Rainforest Cloud

All produce a similar, although not exactly the same, result.

I presume it is something wrong with my settings, but I can’t find anything that seems to fix it, so would appreciate some suggestions, both in terms of what is the best option for uploading the data, and what settings will get it to display the correct net consumption…




In the same boat well sort of ive got no router/modem only my phone & samsung tab.
Cant even get the fronius inverter app to work with out router connection.
Going to try a LAN cable soon to the home pc i hope that works.


If the consumption data feed is a Net feed then a generation feed from an inverter is always required.


OK thanks.

I understood ‘net’ feed would show both directions. And it has some times, and then it stops. So needing generation data makes sense.

Is there a setting that enables the Eagle data to display both consumption and generation, depending on whether solar generation is exceeding local consumption or not?




Eagle only reports Net, either import (positive) or export (negative).

PVOutput only records positive gross generation and consumption values.

Gross consumption is calculated by combining the gross generation from the inverter and the Net data from the Eagle.