Strange Energy Used graph

Can anyone explain why I’m get a dodgy “Energy Used” value occurring alot of the time

Then when I refresh the page

I upload data to v1, v2, v3, v4 & v5 and this only started happening after I started uploading my own Energy values rather than previously letting PVOutput calculate the “Energy Used” from the “Power Used”. I know my uploaded data is fine I upload it from Home Assistant along with 9 other systems which are all fine within Home Assistant and the other 9 are OK on PVOutput

The raw energy v3 data sent is often decreasing - this invalid and the website only displays the next greater value it detects.

Sample of first 2 hours on 22/Apr/23

Time v3
00:05 0
00:10 0
00:15 2
00:20 10
00:25 3
00:30 3
00:35 10
00:40 4
00:45 7
00:50 20
00:55 20
01:00 8
01:05 20
01:10 20
01:15 20
01:20 9
01:25 10
01:30 30
01:35 30
01:40 11
01:45 13
01:50 30
01:55 40
02:00 14

I understand what you are saying but my data does not match that data for that day.
When it goes wrong I get something similar to what you have put but the second I REFRESH the page it corrects itself. I know the data I upload is correct its like the PVOutput page ignores my v3 Energy data upload every so often and uses a calculated 1

Please check what v3 values are being sent, PVOutput only ignores v3 when its invalid such as lower values that previous values in time.

The website never displays decreasing v3 values and only start showing them after a higher value is received.

The easiest workaround is to not send v3 and have it calculated with v4 (power).

I used to leave it to be calculated by the website but only recently realised that it wasn’t very accurate.
My v3 is definitely fine as the same data is used in my Home Assistant (where the uploaded data comes from).
When it goes “IFFY” and shows figures going higher then lower if I refresh the page it istantly goes back ok.
Its like its using my v3 AND a calculated energy value at the same time and they are fighting with each other