Strange date December 19 in record stats page


There appears to be a small bug relating to end-of-year processing or categorisation in the PVOutput website logic.

Checking through the many weekly/monthly/yearly statistics pages, I came across which shows a ‘Dec19’ line later than the ‘Jan19’ line, with a record date of 31/12/18, and a ‘Total Generation’ equal to that of the single day 31/12/18.

Dec19 is still 11.8 months away, so somehow the 31 December 2018 day stats has been identified as a record for a TARDIS-accessable future December 2019 instead.


i don’t even know how you got into that menu! there’s so much data and graphs hiding away that ill probably never find
following your link and changing to my system id etc it has the same issue for me too only on the efficiency graph though


This has been fixed, thanks for reporting the problem.


Click Record Dates link under the graph.


Confirmed - fixed for me. thanks - good hunting!