Strange Cost/Rebate Model - Net+Gross Export

Clay Jackson (n7qnm) here, in Washington State, USA (learned not to use WA and be confused with Western Australia).

We have a rather unusual (or at least so it appears) cost/rebate model. We do net metering; which I’ve got set up now (just enabled my sensors to get consumption data) and that’s great. Our utility credits us for net export at the same rate we pay for import.

But then, once/year, we get a “rebate” from the State of USD$0.51for every kWh we generate (gross generation, not exported) Is there a way to track those two things in PVOutput, so I can see what our net cost is but also keep track of our expected rebate?

Thanks in Advance!

That’s a nice model. Wish we had similar in AU. :+1:

Is the gross rebate on top of the net export credit? The export model would effectively be “Net + Gross”…

Yes - the rebate is on top of the net credit; effectively reset to zero once/year. I don’t see Net + Gross as a possible model

Changed topic to an ‘Idea’. Enhancement is required to support a ‘Net + Gross’ import/export model.