Strange behaviour


Hi guys,

We had panels installed about 25 days ago. Nearly a month.
I see every so often a rather odd thing happening in the PVOutput. Towards the end of the day, with barely any sun visible - I’ll all of the sudden see jolts of 1 kW generation .
The SolarEdge monitoring platform tells me I’ve generated 10kWh more since the installation than the generation meter.
Something’s amiss.


I haven’t noticed the exact circumstances but I do have gaps in reporting from my SolarEdge system to PVoutput, it will post an evening report around 6:05pm and then another around 8:05pm, there doesn’t seem to be any difference in aggregate numbers, but I find it strange that it reports again 2 hours later.

I have consulted with my installer to audit my system for a few days and see if it’s behaving properly, it may just be some type of anomaly within the system programming.

My apologies if this doesn’t help you question but I didn’t want ya to think no one read your post.:innocent:


It’s an issue with the solaredge API, PVOutput only reports the data returned from Solaredge.

This can be verified by manually downloading the data from solaredge via the link below -

  • Replace nnn with solaredge site id
  • Replace xxx with solaredge api id

Alternatively, try disabling the Energy option in the Auto Uploader config -