Status questions

I’m building a new uploader for IoTaWatt and I have some questions about using the API and general capabilities.

  1. What is the best way to determine if an account is currently in donator mode? I’ve been just looking at the X-Rate-Limit_Limit response header.

  2. What is the retention period for Status data? The API allows uploading the past 14 days (100d). Is the older data discarded?

  3. If I want to check for missing Status data older than 7 days, is there a good way to do that?

Thanks for any help.

  1. Inspecting X-Rate-Limit should be fine. Otherwise calling Get System with donations=1 parameter will provide donation count in the response.
  1. No limit to amount of data kept


Thanks @bankstownbloke,

Just to clarify:

  1. Does a non-zero donation count indicate donator mode?

Greater than 0 is considered an active donation account.

Hi BB,

I’m using the getmissing API to determine what historical data needs to be uploaded. Results are mixed. I have uploaded some output data for both 2017 and 2018. The holes in the 2017 data are reported in the getmissing (muliple requests when more than 50 missing). But I have a recent hole in the 2018 data that doesn’t get reported by getmissing:

This completes with 200 OK but zero length payload:*&sid=58074&df=20180701&dt=20181119

But this getoutput only finds the bookends:*&sid=58074&df=20180710&dt=20181119



What am I missing?

Try the request again.

Works OK now. I’ll keep an eye on it. Thanks.

Have everything workingh great for freeloader mode, so today I made a donation to test the enhanced services available in donator mode. I did this about 8 hours ago, my account indicates there was a donation, and the response headers from my POSTs indicate the increased capacities of donator mode. However…

The “donations” number in getsystem requests is still zero indicating I am in freeeloader mode. It’s important that I have a reliable indication of the increased capacities as the data rates and batch capacities will greatly facilitate initial setting of history from the IotaWatt datalog and also the ability to upload and view extended data will be important.

Is this just a latency in setting that number? If so, it would be important to be able to tell my customers how long they will have to wait after a donation before they should try to upload history.

It’s been more than 24 hours since my donation, and this is what I get back from getsystem:

Wolfeboro,50,03894,1,50,N/A,1,50,Energy Monitor,N,1.0,No,,43.596233,-71.19552,5;;0

I think that last “0” is the donation count. Am I missing something? When I access my account on, it shows as active donation, and the response header X-Rate-Limit-Remaining is near 300. I’m reluctant to use X-Rate-Limit-Limit as an indication of donator mode in the event that policy is modified and breaks the code.

Check that the parameter sent is actually donations=1, its returning “1” correctly with sid=58074

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You were right. I’m sending the parameter in POST message body and the body was being cleared before it was transmitted asynchronously. All working great now. Thanks again.