Standby Costs

When displaying the tariff costs there is a standby cost which does not apply to my circumstances where do you zero this amount from the calculation?

Standby cost is always displayed for systems logging consumption.

In Automatic Uploads Primary Device/Direction = Solar in Secondary Device/Direction = Consumption. I changed the Secondary Device to ‘Net’ which had no effect on the standby cost which is still being displayed.

Standby cost is the minimum amount you have to pay over a 24hr period. It is based on your lowest power consumption during the day multiplied by the consumption tariffs entered.

It is not possible to not remove standby cost unless you are not consuming any power.

There are no standby charges applicable to my Tariff arrangements. It is possible that FIT Credits can exceed the value of kWh imported and fixed daily charges producing a credit for the day or any other time period for that matter. I am assuming that you are BB in an exchange of emails we have had so I am assuming that you are the Administrator in which case you would be responsible for any upgrades to the system so you could if you so choose update the functionality to be able to switch this process off for users where it simply does not apply.

There is probably some confusion around the term ‘standby cost’ -

PVOutput treats both consumption and generation separately.

You will still have a standby cost figure, even though your FIT has covered this cost by generating more than you consume.

There are no plans to remove or change the way this currently works.

Thanks for the explanation perhaps you could add ‘standby cost’ as an item in ‘Help’ so as to avoid further requests.