Split port for free

I have used SPLITPORT from Eterlogic for many years to load my electric and gas streams via a single CC monitor and cable, this is free for use on 32 bit platforms but refuses to work on my new windows 10 m/c even in compatibility mode - it says I am 64 bit and so need a (paid) licence. Anyone found a free port splitter for w10? I can’t find one anywhere!

can you run as an emulation of windows 32 bit?

can you install windows 32 bit on the computer? it will only let you use 4gb of ram though.

maybe try this?
There’s actually an easier way to accommodate this (not a long term solution).

Drop the application “corflags.exe” into the \windows\system32 folder. Open a command line as administrator and type…

corflags “path and name of the exe” /32BITPREF32+

This will force the application to run as a 32-bit process instead of 64-bit.

thanks for the suggestion - it seems splitport simply detects a 64bit o/s and says it wants money. I did run it 32bit but still no good. It is quite reasonable at about ukp 30 including vat so I ended up buying it. regards G