Spike in Consumption Data on PVO, not showing from monitoring devices

For my system the production is pulling directly from SolarEdge which seems to be correct.
On the consumption side, I use a Rainforest Eagle 3, exporting to Wattvision (since Rainforest has an issue exporting to PVO directly) which is my secondary device.

The Eagle and Wattvision seem to be generally aligned, however there is some consumption in PVO that is different than what either of those show. Generally its close, but there are two spikes that don’t make sense.

Any ideas on what this is?

From PVO:

FromPVO Table:

From Rainforest:

Watts from WattVision:

Watt-Hours from WattVision:

The PVOutput values are reported without modification from the data provided by the Wattvision API.

There may have been a glitch which they have since corrected, this would have not been picked up by PVOutput if the data is older than 3 hours.

The power data would need to be manually corrected on PVOutput using ‘Live Loader’ or Add Status API

An Auto Uploader rule could be used to prevent spikes from being recorded -

e.g. when consumption is more than 10kW set it to 0W

if (in && power > 10000) power = 0;

I see, thanks for letting me know about the 3hr window. I’ll look into the Live Loader and the auto uploader rule.