Solax X1 Master/Slave

Hey Folks,

Bit of a long shot I know but I thought I’d ask. I have two SolaX X1-Hybrid-G3 Inverters, details as follows:

1st - 5kW / 20x JASolar 325 Panels / 3x T63 6.3kWh Batteries
2nd - 3kW / 10x JASolar 325 Panels / No batteries

My original intention was to move 1 of the T63’s over to the 3kW unit however niavely I didn’t realise that in ‘Self Use’ mode if an X1 inverter see’s export power it grabs this excess A/C power and uses it to charge it’s batteries.

What this means in practice is that if you have two hybrid units like I do and both have batteries the systems soon gets into a ‘charge/discharge’ dance where one inverter detects excess output from the other causing it to charge, the 2nd inverter detects this as a normal load so begins meeting demand usually by discharging from the battery. Once the ‘charging’ batteries are full the role reverses!

Now if these where the 3 phase X3 units SolaX support a single Master multi Slave arrangement using the built in CANbus connectors, reading what little documentation there is on this mode suggests the Master controls all charge/discharge states and thus prevents this situation i.e. all the inverters become aware of each other. The documentation all suggests a CANbus meter is required instead of the SolaX blessed SDM230 Modbus units.

Now the question, the X1 unit DO have this same Master/Slave configuration option in their menu’s however the only reference to it I can find dates back to 2017 and a ‘It’s coming’ statement. Has anyone experience of using/testing the X1’s in this way? I’ve asked SolaX support but my request has gone somewhere the sun doesn’t shine and I don’t fancy bricking one or both of my inverters playing :smiley: