Solax X1 G4 Hybrid Octopus Go Charging

Hi there, hoping you can help me out!

I had a PV array installed over the summer with a 5.8kw Solax battery paired alongside a 6kw Solax x1 (G4) Hybrid inverter. As we enter winter, I’m trying to configure the system to do overnight battery charging against the Octopus Go Tariff.

I’ve followed all the guidance I can find online:

Inverter basic settings > Self Use

  • Charge at night enabled
  • Charge state upper limit 100%

Charge and discharge period settings > charge and discharge start and end times all set to exploit Octopus Go hours.

I’ve run it all week now and every morning I’ve woken up to find the battery only charged to 28% and whilst there is a draw from the grid during the right time period it’s just a flat 350W draw rate. So four hours at 350W is only getting my battery to 28%. Why is it doing this? What setting am I missing? Surely I can draw from the grid at a much higher rate than this??


Many Thanks!

Solved: settings all ok, it’s just that the charge rate is directly influenced by battery temperature and being in an unheated garage, my battery is cold and therefore being protected by the inverter. I’m going to build an insulated box around it :slight_smile:

Hi. I’m trying to use self us with Octopus Go. Would you share the settings you’re using and the firmware version on your inverter?

I’ve tried setting self-use with charge from grid, but this isn’t having any effect.