Solax X Hybrid, My new inverter and PVOutput question

Hi, I’m new to this forum although not to PVOutput.
Up until yesterday I’ve had my system online, name “Rannoch”, auto uploading from a Samil inverter since early 2011. This has now died and replaced with a 5KW SOLAX Hybrid X, at this stage without batteries.

My question to the community. Does anyone have this inverter and have you got it uploading/communicating to pvoutput perhaps being run on a pc of some type or maybe have the data uploaded by another method.

My old Samil was listed in PVO’s inverter listing but it appears as though Solax isn’t so I am at a loss at this point.
Any help/suggestion will be much appreciated.

Dennis (Rannoch)

I also am investigating getting my solax inverter uploading to PVoutput.
I found this on github. I am investigating further.

Rob Shorrock

Inverter Data Logger is a small script for uploading data from a Omnik, Hosola, Goodwe, Solax, Ginlong, Samil, Sofar or Power-One Solar inverter, equipped with a wifi module or connected to a Wi-Fi data logger from iGEN tech, to a database, Domoticz and/or to

This script is designed to be run as a cronjob (or scheduled tasks on Windows) every minute. Every time this script is run the data from the inverter(s) will be send to the enabled plugin(s). And with a five minute interval the data will also be uploaded to as a live status when enabled._


I’ve seen this is an old thread. But for what it’s worth, I’m also running a Solax setup, and have written some scripts to extract data from the solax cloud, and push it to pvoutput. as you may see here:

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Hi Borft,

I’m new to Solar PV and have just got a Solax X1. You say you have written some scripts to extract data from the Solax Cloud and upload to PVOutput - Please can you share ?

Many thanks,

Yes, you may find the code here:

basically it scrapes the solaxcloud website, stores it locally in a PG DB, and pushes it to PVOutput. As an added bonus, it can also push usage statistics, that have been gathered from a smart electricity meter.


Hi Borft,

Many thanks for this ! Any help in getting it up and running would be great (i.e. what to edit, etc.). I have installed PHP 7.2.8 for Windows 10 and that seems to be working, but need help getting this up and running. I am a tech, but not a scripter/DBA.

Thanks again for this, I’m sure anyone else using Solax will also appreciate it !


Hi Borft,

OK…So I got it populating a PG database (had to mod the time to *8 so it tied in with the Solax Portal Time uploaded by my inverter). I can’t get the Push_pvoutput.php to upload…

Example error:–
Notice: Undefined index: power_out in D:\Solax-PHP\push_pvoutput.php on line 141
PHP Notice: Undefined index: power_in in D:\Solax-PHP\push_pvoutput.php on line 141

Notice: Undefined index: power_in in D:\Solax-PHP\push_pvoutput.php on line 141
Found 12 records @ 20180802 12:56:47

It completes, but does not appear to upload data. I have checked that I have put the correct API and Site ID in the script, but nothing seems to get uploaded. Any ideas ?



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Hi Dan,

Seems you already got pretty far by yourself, kudos for that! Can you try and pull in the latest code from gitlab? There’s a few fixes in there for Windows, as well as the cases where you don’t have power data. Specifically in the code that pushes to pvoutput.

Let met know how that faires for you!


Additionally, if you have any questions and/or comments, let me know, I’ll update the Readme, to make it easier for others to use.

Hi Mike,

All working perfectly and pulling data from Solax and pushing to PVOutput without issue. I’ll come up with a crib sheet to help others get it working on Windows and post it in here. At some point I’m going to get a Raspberry PI and attempt to get it up and running on that…

Thanks again for creating this - It will help anyone with a Solax Inverter get their data to PVOutput as trying to get answers from Solax themselves is like trying to get blood from a stone !!



Nice, good to hear it works now. Your time offset being 8 hours, i’m guessing you’re in the UK? (I’m in NL). It turns out there were some problems with ssl connections on Windows, which is why the push didn’t work properly. The latest fix includes the certificate to verify the connection properly, so it works on Windows as well.

It should work equally well on a RPi, running on a Debian box over here, but it’s pretty much the same.

haha, yeah, totally agree on Solax there. I was a bit surprised that even though the inverter is connected to my network, it doesn’t provide some kind of API / web interface to allow me to locally access data.

Please note, in the latest version of the code, there’s a variable: $enableExtendedValue. If you are a donater at, and set that to true, it will also push data on the individual trackers.


Hi Guys,
I have been a PvOutput user since 2011. We used it to upload data from a small 1.5 kw SMA system from Bayswater, Vic Its was very usefull and I did it with help from a member from Adelaide.
Its still viewable, JM_Solar. We relocated to the ACT and now I have a Solax x Hydbrid with battery, 5 kw. I upload the data manually at the end of each month but would like to able to use the auto function thats been discussed here. As I am not a programmer, I would like some help in trying to achieving that. I see that someone from Melbourne has bee able to do that successfully with a 3 kw system.
This link is probably what I need but I wouldn’t know where to start (Yes, you may find the code here: 7) So any help would be great.
Thanks in advance,


If you are using Windows, I may be able to help you. If you are using Unix/Linux type system then Mike will be best placed to help. Let me know.



Hi Dan, I am using windows 10 and would love to have your help with this. I was successful with our previous solar (SMA) in Bayswater Vic, now live in the ACT

Few things you need to do first…

  1. Download and install PHP for windows ( - Download VC15 Thread-safe (second box down on the above page). You will need to have the Visual Studio Redistributable installed (see box on the left hand side of the same page - Note VC15 and x64 for 64bit Windows 10 or x86 32bit Windows 10.
    Once you have installed PHP you will need to make some modifications to the PHP.ini file which will be in the PHP7 directory (if you want, message me directly on “Sunnyview” PVOutput your email address and I will send you my ini file which has the correct options in it.
  2. You will need to download and install PostgreSQL (
    Once this is installed, you will need to add a new system variable. Right click on “This PC” on your windows screen, select properties, then select “Advanced system settings”). On the page that comes up system select environment variables. A new page will come up and under System Variables, Click NEW, and type PGUSER for variable name and postgres for variable value (note postgres is in lowercase).
    At this point you have the basic needs for Mikes scripts to run, but you need to do a few things first.
  3. Open a CMD prompt and type psql and press return (This will get you into the SQL Database).
  4. Type Create Database solaxdb; and press return (note the ; at the end of the line). It will take a few moments to run.
  5. type \q and press return to leave PSQL
  6. You now need to download Mikes scripts from GitHub. Once you have done all the above, drop me a line for the next steps as a few modifications need to be made to some of Mikes scripts (i.e. API, Site ID, Username and password for Solax Website, etc.) to get it working for you…Let me know if you have any issues with the above.



Note - When installing PostgreSQL it will ask for a username (postgres) and a password - Make a note of the password as you will need to know this !!! (use default of postgres for username and postgres for password if you want).

If you have trouble finding me, i’m -

Excellent manual Dan, I’ll add a link to this thread in the readme for any future users :slight_smile:

Cheers Mike, not complete yet, but working on it :slight_smile: Will upload full instructions once I get John up and running. Do you want me to email you the PHP.ini file, so you can upload that for Windows users to your GitHub (message me direct your email address if you do) ?


Thanks for the guide, my Solax pv installation was put in last week and I’m going to get my reading in pvoutput as well.

Is the PHP.ini file already uploaded somewhere by any chance?