Solarman / Omnik wave in the output

Hi community !

I’m facing an issue with the result on PVOutput.
There is like wave in the result as you can see here : HOME CHARLES 7.040kW

The thing is I don’t know how this phenomena is called, so I don’t know how to make my search without the right keywords.

My inverter is an Omnik which is now managed by Solarman. Looking at the result on their website, all look good.
Let’s take the 12th September as reference. As I’m a new user I cannot post screenshot.
I’ve also a metric tool to monitor usage for this system which is also giving me the same result.

The main issue is for 12th Sept I should be around 32Kw for the day and PVO is giving me 12.5Kw. I can bear with a little difference but this is more than half.

Does somebody know how to fix that ?



The waves are caused by the missing power readings on the trannergy data feed.

These are shown as 0W since the weather station data is being downloaded for this interval and there is no data from trannergy.

Try disabling the openweather station feed to see the results.