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Hi There
Is the Solarman API currently available. is giving me the run around, trying to apply for an API key.

Saying “Sorry, we are optimising this feature to give you better service so we don’t provide the service of opening api at the moment. Please be patient.”

Any help will be much appreciated

I’m getting a Sofar inverter fitted soon so I’d be interested in the answer to this as well. If the API key is no longer available, are there any other ways of getting the data into PVOutput?

Thanks - Bob.

Hi All

The latest update I got from another department at Solarman, is that they are expecting it to be available end March. I have built myself a solution based on Raspberry PI and the Solarman AT Modbus protocol so long.


Thanks for reporting back, I get my Sofar system fitted on Thursday so will apply for my API then. Do you mind giving some more information about your Modbus solution? Does this interface directly with the inverter, bypassing the Solarman cloud?


@warren7204, I have just got the same negative response from Would you mind letting me know who told you that the API would be available again at the end of March.

Also would you mind sharing details of your Modbus solution?

Thanks - Bob.

Hi There

What I have now is a Raspberry Pi zero W sending AT commands to the Solarman dongle on the inverter and collecting the data myself. I send the data to my own cloud solution where the data is analyzed, and adjustments sent back to the inverter via the PI to optimize settings to use the least grid power as possible. This is quite a challenge in South Africa as we have scheduled rolling blackouts that the system has to also take into consideration, so you don’t run out of power.

My code is based on 2 opensource projects.


2)MODBUS REGISTERS - check the yaml files

I hope this helps in some way.


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@warren7204 thank you again. Your solution seems to do much more than I require. I’ve found a possible alternative and started another thread to see if anyone else is using it.