SolarEdge w/ Wattnode


Just added a Wattnode to my SE10000HD and it is working in the SE portal - shows generation, self consumption, and import. In PVOutput I see Poer and Energy generate equal power and energy used. Ist this supposed to be this way? I have it set the “Net” - am I misconfiguring this somewhere?


The Solaredge API seems to only report gross consumption, so “Net” isn’t supported.

Can someone with a SolarEdge system with the Wattnode or SE meter take this Noob by the hand and tell me what the settings should be? Now I have zero production and all consumption!

search is kinda iffy on the site but I was able to get this from an earlier post

The SolarEdge consumption direction must be assigned to the secondary device.

Primary Device = SolarEdge, Direction = Solar
Secondary Device = SolarEdge, Direction = Consumption

looks like this is the fix