SolarEdge Solar Radiation Reporting Issue


I’ve noticed that since I recently setup my reporting from my SolarEdge SE7600 Inverter that even though I have the Solar Radiation setting set to “Extended Data v7” that on some of the days there are gaps in the data or no data at all reported. I have looked through all of the Help documentation and Community posts and tried to modify my Settings, but the issue still persists. Any help with what might be causing this would be greatly appreciated.



I have the same inverter and I don’t know of any capability to sense or report the Solar Radiation. If there is let me know. I have an Ambient Weather WS-2000 weather station which does report Solar irradiance and UV index which I upload to PVOutput extended variables using a Raspberry PI.


Based on your comment I think I figured it out Iwsmiser.

The weather station I was using must not have been consistently reporting this data. Once I found another local station that was and updated my Weather Station setting to read the new one, today’s figures updated after a couple of minutes.

Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.


I also have a WS-2000 located here;

Can you explain further how you incorporated it’s data to PVOutput page and link to your PVOutput?


If you have been following the several threads at this site on Weather Underground API you should know that this site no longer gives out free API keys. However, I did subscribe to WU and got one of the free API keys. That is how I can upload the readings to
Your alternative is to provide another means such as a Raspberry PI running a dedicated script which gets the data from your PWS and uploads it to PVOutput via the internet. You might get help here:


I have a WU API key and use it to display temperature on my PVOutput page display. I am wondering how to also get my solar radiation data to display using the setting for 'extended Data v7.


Click on the Extended data square below the graph.


I was hoping it was going to overlay on the main view, but this isn’t bad.


An overlay is possible on the Extended Parameter graph -


Thank you again so much! I wanted to compare my new Solar Radiation with Power Generation as a real-time event and so chose to utilize v2. The purpose is to study any shading, especially seasonal shading and how it affects any lost generation. My solar radiation sensor is mounted 20’ above my solar panels and fully exposed to the horizon where-as my solar panels are blocked from the winter morning sun.