SolarEdge site down since 7AM PDT

If you have your monitoning service form SolarEdge is your monitoring page down? Not reporting your output?

Yes. My monitoring went out about 9:50 AM PDT.

Welcome to PVOutput. I am half way between LA and San Diego and was last recorded at 6:45 AM PDT. The site comes up but data is not being updated. How about you.

SF Bay Area. Same symptoms, but mine went out about 3 hours later than yours. Definitely looks like a SolarEdge issue of some sort.

Are you guys hardwired internet connection to your inverter? In my PVO team, only the SolarEdge hard wired inverters are not reporting. The ones using WiFi were fine all day. I am one of the hardwired ones and mine stopped reporting early this AM. I am in Los Angeles County.

I am in Mesa AZ (east of Phoenix), my inverter is using 4G cellular data.
As of now, I have about 60% of today’s data populated, which only started about 90 minutes ago or so.

I was also getting HTTP 500 errors and other errors this afternoon.

It seems that solaredge monitoring outages are getting frequent lately. The bad thing is that they do not provide any method to monitor locally the optimizers.
Does anyone know if huawei optimizers could be monitored locally?

I connect to the internet through a ZigBee base station near my computer. I don’t yet understand how they communicate otherwise. My internet connection with the ZigBee was down that day. However, I have an independent power meter that reports solar to PVOutput so I didn’t miss any data. The ZigBee can fill in data I believe up to a week or more if the connection goes down.
OOPS! I just noticed my internet connection is down right now…My information says it happened about 8:20 this morning PDT.